16126 New Columbia Pike Burtonsville, MD 20866, USA
Phone: 301‐476‐8152

The Institute of World Religions of the Washington Kali Temple is dedicated to creating an environment where one can engage in discussions about theological principles, religious beliefs and spiritual practices, and fosters an interfaith search for shared values and mutual respect.



Pradip K. Ghosh, Chairperson, World Congress of Religions 2012

Kamanashish Chakravorty, Chairperson, Conference Planning

Jogobrata Mazumdar, Chairperson, Cultural Program

Surabhi Garg, Chairperson, Conference Programming

Progyan Basu, Chairperson, Conference Registration

Debasri Mitra, Chairperson, Media and Communications

Somesh Chattopadhyay, Chairperson, Web and Technology

Surinder Puri, Chairperson, Public Relations

Roopa Biswas, Chairperson, Hospitality

Grove Harris, Coordinator, Media/Social Media

Asmita Nagarkar, Coordinator, Administration

Raven Mathew, Intern